The Willow Domestic Violence Center is excited to be in it's 3rd year of producing Mic Drop: Lawrence's Lip Sync Competition.

This competition has grown each and every year, both in audience size and the scope and ambition of the lip sync contestants.  We are excited to bring such a vibrant and meaningful event to our community, and hope you'll join in the fun this year, all of which benefits survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson counties.

Your support means that we can help one more person escape violent home, one more child have a peaceful night's rest and one more family get on the path to safety and recovery.

We can't continue our mission without you.

Help us make joy possible and safety a reality in our community.


$20 Per Person

or a 4 Top Table for $200


Get your act together and start preparing for auditions. April 15 is right around the corner!